• Fastcar23

    Although I'm a huge rc vehicles fan, giving them as a gift did not occur to my mind. Well, it did once but I end up buying another gift because I love it so much, I want to keep it! Yeah, it's a pretty silly thing to do but it was a Destroyer RC Boat Battle Ship and I couldn't get my hands off it. 

    So before you start thinking I'm some rc psycho, I want to share with you an infographic that pretty much caught my attention today. 

    It's all about RC boats as gifts. If I couldn't give them as presents because of my possessive nature, maybe you could! 

    Any of these models are perfect to make one's day. It even did on my end, although I only have this infographic to see. 

    If you're living in UK as I am, visit this page for some rc shops online that…

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  • Joyanan

    Looking for radio control (RC or R/C) airplanes, boats, cars, helicopters, or Quadcopter? How about endless amounts of radios, engines, servos, parts, accessories, and upgrades? Want a new and improved scale buggy, faster car, power engine for airplane or controller? More interested in real RC hobby rather than general hobbies? If so, you've come to the right place! is the one top shop for all your ideal Radio Control,RC Model Airplane, RC Model Boat, RC Model Helicopter. We carry all the top name-brands in the industry with the Best Products...Great Prices...Reliable Worldwide shipping... Why shop anywhere else?

    Radio Control Airplanes

    Our product line consists of both Electric Powered and Gas/Nitro Powered Airplanes. With both,…

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