Castle Creations of Olathe, Kansas, USA is a small, independent manufacturer of programmable electronic speed controls and USB interfaces for electric R/C aircraft and boats as well as brushless motors and speed controlers, from small 1/18th applications to multi-horsepower 1/5th systems.

The company was founded in Wellville, Kansas by electronics engineer and lifelong R/C pilot Patrick del Castillo. He designed a small, lightweight speed control for his personal use in 1997. Realizing the potential market for such a controller, del Castillo founded Castle Creations later that same year.

Castle Creations speed controls and receivers are unique not only for their aerospace-grade, surface mount technology, but for the fact that Castle Creations speed controls are designed to never become obsolete. Firmware is upgraded on a regular basis and is available via the internet. The Castle Link, a USB interface adapter, is available separately. It is compatible with both the "Phoenix" line of aircraft controls and "Mamba" line of car/truck controls and is used both to upgrade the control's firmware and to set its operating parameters. Both the Phoenix and Mamba speed controls may also be programmed via the model's transmitter.

Del Castillo and his wife Brenda operate Castle Creations as a full-time business with all design, research, development and manufacturing done in their Kansas headquarters.

On March 1, 2006, Castle Creations relocated to a new facility in Olathe, Kansas, roughly doubling the company's production space.

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