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Kite within RC is multifacted. A kite system holds parts: wings, tails, bridles, lines, moorings, and anchorings. RC in any one or any collection of these parts may act to fulfill tasks, objectives, or purposes. Specifically distinguish that tethered powered RC planes are already traditionally covered elsewhere; have the kite's wing unpowered and add RC to one or more of the kite system's parts and have an RC kite system. And also distinguish that products that advertise themselves with zero-length tether--and are perhaps kite-like--simply are not kites, but again RC aircraft of a particular design. However, the RC model paragliders that are in powered (power on the lower platform) or unpowerd flight are indeed within this RC-kite article. Also, RC scale-model or even RC manned hang gliders that are utilizing a short kiting tether in free-flight for tugging the kite's wing are also true RC kite systems. The main body of RC kite systems have moorings to ground-object anchors that are either fixed or moving; the anchors are frequently human, but other objects are used: trees, trucks, cars, boats, reels, ships, boats, buggies. etc. Human operators of RC kite systems are responsible for the safety of other life and property; most nations have regulations that govern kiting of any sort. The kite systems that are beginning to be kite tugs for commercial ships are exploring RC systems to control the huge tugging kites. Why Kite Tugs?

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