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Lexan (also known as LEXAN as named by its manufacturer or lexan outside of sales literature) is a brand of highly durable polycarbonate resin thermoplastic manufactured by GE Plastics, a unit of General Electric. It was intended to replace glass where strength justifies its cost. Lexan's combination of high strength and light weight have made it the material of choice for R/C car bodies.

It is similar to Plexiglas/Lucite in appearance, but is far more durable, often to the point of being "bulletproof." Lexan is typically used in the aerospace industry for items such as aircraft canopies, windscreens and other windows, but can often be seen in household items, such as bottles, compact discs, and DVDs.

Even though the transparent Lexan sheeting used in the vacuforming of R/C car bodies is rather thin, the material is still quite dense. As such, ordinary paints will not adhere to it. Special paints specifically blended to chemically bond to Lexan are required. The paints themselves have a dull, matte finish. The shine of a Lexan R/C body is from the material itself since they are painted from the inside. Special tools are often used to trim bodies and to bore holes for body posts. While not entirely necessary, the use of these tools is highly recommended to prevent damage to the body.

Lexan is immediately dissolved by most aerosol cleaners used for cleaning R/C electric motors. In recent years, more Lexan-friendly aerosols have been introduced.

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