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Big Bear Box

The Big Bear Datsun was an early 1/12-scale electric monster truck kit released in 1984 and sold less batteries, radio and charger. It was manufactured and distributed by Japanese hobby and airsoft gun manufacturer Tokyo Marui.

Originally sold only through mail order, the Big Bear had a plastic, tub-styled chassis, Mabuchi RS-380 motor, mechanical speed control and "live" rear suspension as opposed to an independent setup. Tires were wide, chevron-treaded implement-styled units and actually comprised the majority of the Big Bear's suspension. The shock absorbers were simple coilover units which allowed for limited suspension travel. Coil springs also served to hold the front bumper in place and absorb impact. The body was a highly detailed styrene plastic Datsun pickup with driver figure and "Big Bear" decal set.

Because of its low cost, ease of assembly and good factory and aftermarket support, the Big Bear played an important role in the early growth of the radio control hobby. Due to intense competition from Tamiya and somewhat brittle plastic, Tokyo Marui pulled completely out of the hobby market by the end of the decade.

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