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This page is considered an official policy on the RC Wiki.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

Basic policies[]

These policies will be separated into their own pages as space requires. We will keep them very minimal until the need to expand upon them arises. This site uses many of the same basic policies as Wikipedia.

  • Please do not cut and paste anything directly from other sites unless that site is in the public domain or licensed under the GNU (see bottom of page). This is a violation of copyright and repeated offenses may lead to loss of editing privileges. Articles written under the GNU license, such as those found at Wikipedia and its mirror sites, is welcomed.
  • Keep it clean. There is no reason for profane or vulgar words. Radio control is a hobby to be enjoyed by all ages and keeping this site family-friendly is a top priority. This includes your choice of a user name. Any account with a user name with racial, sexual, religious or just plain patently offensive overtones will be blocked immediately. Also, please do not choose the name of a famous person either living or dead or a historical figure.
  • You don't have to know anything about R/C - or even be interested in it - to help us out. If you enjoy writing and doing research, you're in!
  • Don't vandalize anything. This site maintains a zero-tolerance policy on vandalism and spamming. Depending on the severity of the vandalism, a user's IP can be blocked for whatever length of time an administrator deems appropriate, up to and including a permanent block.
  • Please, R/C stuff only on the article space. Your user page is your own (within certain guidelines) and can have information unrelated to radio control.
  • Use the absolute best grammar and spelling you can. A few mistakes are OK, but at least make a good-faith attempt at writing. All such attempts are welcomed and praised. Any mistakes are generally cleared up by other users. Since this is a reference work much the same as Wikipedia, remember to keep the end user of this site in mind and write your articles accordingly with as much useful information as you can find. The Internet is a vast storehouse of research material.
  • Bold text or ALL CAPS should not be used for entire pages.
  • Please keep a neutral point of view or "NPOV" per Wikipedia guidelines. This means statements like "Team Losi is better then Traxxas" are frowned upon, even if you believe the statement to be true. You are welcome to explain what makes one product better than another. An example can be found under "onboard starting systems" on the starting methods page. This policy will not be enforced on talk pages.
  • Personal attacks against other users is not tolerated. Comment on the content, not the user.
  • Wikia policies apply here also but we reserve the right to enforce stricter rules.

Advanced policies[]

These polices are big enough to need a separate page.